Garmin GPS map of crested butte,co

Does anyone know where i can buy or download gps maps of Created Butte for a Garmin eTrex Summit? Or am i going about this the wrong way? Should i be looking to find a std map that includes that area? heck, i dont know much about this gps, maybe i cant even download maps into it?

I always use the standard National Geographic maps with full details of trails and GPS coordinates and grid blocks. Works very well in combination with my handle bar mounted Garmin. I get my Colorado maps from L&M Productions. Good people and they have the Taylor Park and Crested Butte maps! :thumbsup:

Note: Mountain bikers are taking over the Crested Butte area so watch out for trails that are one way. Mountain bikers cant stop on the steep downhills so we are not allowed up them anymore. :ride:

Thanks for the tip. We typically go every year in conjunction with the CO 500. Last year we only saw one group of mountain bikers. I love mountain biking, i just like doing it with a motor! :thumbsup:

How do you use your GPS? Does your have the ability to load maps so that the trails are already in there? Or do you just refer to the coordinates and match them to a paper map?

BTW, have you tried their "Motorcycle Trails of CO Guide Book"? Volume 1 or 2?

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