Upside down suspension work

Has anyone heard of this trick? I talked with an expert desert racer who said he commonly turns his bike upsidedown to remove the fronk bottom valves and changes the shim stack without removing the fork or changing the oil. It seems reasonable to me.

Any Ideas?


Those desert guys spend way too much time skidding on their heads!!

This can be done, BUT, realize that in the the process the midvalve nut CAN be loosedned. :)

They remove the base valve by using a impact gun, this can spin the cartridge also which can "drag" on the midvalve piston and possibly loosen it. IF this indeed happened , you wouldnt have a clue that it did happen until you rode the bike. You wouldnt be able to tell because the midvalve would be at the top of the cartridge, hidden under a full cartridge of oil.

You could to play it safe, put a 12mm on an extension long enough to go into the cartridge to see if the midvalve nut was indeed still tight.

Take Care, John

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