xr 650l ride height adjustment

anybody made ride height adjustments to the rear on their xr 650l? i am 6'0" 185 lbs and i am still on my tiptoes when i sit on it. it looks like i use a spanner wrench and adjust the nut on the top of the rear coil. if somone has made this adjustment please correct me if i am wrong. i do not want to disturb the stock settings until i am sure.

thanks, matt

pismo beach cali

You can loosen the preload on the rear spring and get more sag out of the rear. I'm on the road traveling so I don't have my manual to tell you the specific range of the spring preload. You can lower the rear by replacing the lower link on the suspension. Here is a site that sells the part you need:


This one comes complete with bearings. There are other places that sell something similar that you press out the bearings in the stock link and reuse them. Once you lower the rear, you can loosen the triple clamps and raise the forks so more sticks out on top of the triple clamps to lower the front. You want to be sure and correctly torque the triple clamps when tightening. Again, since I don't have my manual, I can't tell you the proper torque. There is a limit as to how far you want to go with this and still retain decent handling. Generally speaking; how ever far the replacement link lowers the rear, you would want to raise the forks a similar amount and you may have to experiment to determine what's best for you.

:crazy: Well mstrav I'm 6'3" 250lbs so I had to readjust the rear shock. They recommend between 3" & 4" sag and I had over 5" from factory, so I screwed nut down till I got about 3 1/2" sag. All I did was put bike on stand, remove side panel and used a long flat head screwdriver and hammer. Of course you will have to loosen up on the shock so it won't be very hard to turn. If I remember correctly there wasn't many threads on top of nut from factory but maybe enough to help. If not eat some Doughnuts and more :ride::cry::ride::ride: . :thumbsup:

I don't think a spanner wrench will work unless you strip the bike down cause there isn't much room.

Im also 6'0' 182 lbs.

when i bought the bike it seemed so damn tall , but after putting 2,000 miles

on it , ive actualt gotten used to it.

At one point i was going to buy that lowering link for the rear , but now

i actualy like the height :thumbsup:

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