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Broken Wrist 3 Fractures

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Here is my Arm for 7Weeks ago!

This is when i come home for a race in Alfta Edsbyn.. 2 days after the injured

went to the doctor and then he told me u have 3 fractures =/.

Anybody here ho has broken the Naviculare ?

Here in Sweden we cal it Boat-bone :thumbsup:




My wrist is broken 2 bones (Radius,ulna) and my (naviculare) =/

takes long time.

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Wow! That sucks! I actually broke my navicular about 4 years ago. It was completely healed at about 5 1/2-6 weeks. It's fine now, but still hurts a bit when I do push-ups. Make sure you do alot of physical therapy with it, or it will be really stiff. Good luck!

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