Asking Price Used WR450??

I am selling my near new 2006 WR450F, it has 120 miles on it and has never been down/no scratches, it has all of the basic mods done + re-jetted, zip-ty fuel screw, ProCircuit T-4 Silencer. All of the work/maintenance on the bike was done by a great mechanic at my local yamaha dealership - he personally has his own 06 WR450F that he races Super-Motard with - the bike just had the oil changed and the valves adjusted two weeks ago. How much should I ask for this? I paid over 8K OTD 5-Months ago.

I love this bike for the trails, I was invited to go to the motocross track in Phoenix last week and got hooked on racing again - so I bought a new 2006 YZ250F the next day, absolutely love the new bike - but need to find a home for the WR450F.

Thanks for your suggestions on the asking price. :thumbsup:

Keep it to ride trails with :ride::thumbsup:

I have thought about that, but my wife said NO on having two bikes :thumbsup:

I have thought about that, but my wife said NO on having two bikes :thumbsup:

My wife would have said no to buying the second bike before selling the first one... but that's why I don't talk to her about those things!

The problem that you have is that new bikes are selling for about 6-7 grand at most. Last year, I bought my 05 used, with less than 200 miles, fmf pipe, header, etc... for $5500.

I would imagine that in a few months, there will be more and more people looking to sell their wr's to get the aluminum frame. Everyone is probably waiting for the first rider reviews to see if it feels significantly lighter. After all, that's what we all not-so-secretly wish for.

If the reviews come in and its a big difference, you will have an even harder time getting top dollar.

Good luck.

I know its too late now but why didn't you trade it in towards the YZ?

I've been seeing new one on ebay for $5000- $5300 new. I almost bought one from Funmart Cycles for $5000 OTD, but I wanted to sell my 2 stroke first.

valves adjusted two weeks ago.
it has 120 miles on it

Wow and they needed to be ajusted already. Are you sure it isn't a CRFx ?

IMO - Take 5k and run.

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