Would You Bend It Back?

Took a direct hit on the end of my shift lever, smashing the folding tip and bending the shift shaft such that my shift lever now sticks out at a ridiculous angle. The amazing thing is the shift shift shaft seal is not leaking and the bike still shifts fine!

Planning to ride next weekend, don't have time to split the cases and fix it the right way. I'm tempted to drill an appropriate sized hole in a piece of 1" aluminum bar stock and use the bar stock as a lever to bent the shaft back to its normal position. Was wondering if I could get away with it or would I risk cracking the case by putting all that force on it? I figure it bent that far without cracking the case in the first place so it should be able to handle a tweak in the opposite direction, no? Anyone ever tried this? :thumbsup:

thier is always a risk of more damage (cracking/snapping) metal when your bending metal after its allready been bent. if u can still shift reasonably well i would just leave it alone till your can get it repaired/replaced.

also if u were to try to bend it back u might inadvertantly bend the shaft farther down inside the motor and that would be a bad thing.id say its 50/50 chance you will or wont damge it more if u try to bend it back.

you may want to try to bend the shifter in to compensate for the bend in the shift shaft if possible.that is if u dont mind replacing the shifter aswell.one thing i would definetly "NOT" do is try to use heat while the shaft is still in the bike.

You do NOT have to split the cases, or even remove the engine to do this job. The right engine cover does have to come off, which means draining oil and coolant, as does the clutch, but that's it.

However, you will likely have to cut off the bent portion in order to slide it out of the cases, so access to a die grinder with a cutoff wheel may be an issue. I have sometimes removed the inboard end instead and slid them out the left side.

Also, when replacing the cover, removing the water pump cover so you can spin the impeller by hand makes it easier to engage the drive tab on the impeller shaft with the balancer gear.

Can you just remove and heat up the shift lever with a small propane torch and bend it into a better position temporally? Then latter fix the shaft.

Take the lever off. Put it in a vise and heat it and bend it all you want. I wouldn't worry about replacing the shaft unless it's cracked or leaking assuming you can bend the lever to where all looks normal.

Grayracer is absolutely right here. It's a couple hour job if you have a new shaft. I sure wouldn't try to bend the shift shaft back, as you will probably induce cracks not only in the shaft, but in the case as well (or, best case, start a leak at the seal). Heating up the shifter and bending it to make a more reasonable shifter position is also not without it's problems, as you may break the shifter in your efforts, and it will most certainly be more susceptible to additional bending and/or breakage in a fall, as you will have destroyed the heat treat. I have been successful in the past with drilling the wet side end of the shaft to remove the weld that attaches the selector lever to the shaft, then sliding the shaft out the dry side. Just be sure to plug up the oil passages good, and coat everything in grease to catch the chips from drilling, then clean it all up good when you're done. It really isn't that tough a job, or that time consuming.

Birdy's two cents.

Thanks to all who responded :thumbsup:

Once again, I'm blown away by the knowledge base here on TT. Grayracer and Birdie, it's savy vets like you guys who make this site such an awesome resource. Thanks again, you turned my mountain back into a mole hill :ride:

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