Passenger foot pegs need ('99 WR400)

Anybody know where I can aquire rear pegs (used or new)? I know Baja Designs used to carry them, but they can't help me now.

Cue, Thanks Dude. That's exactly what I was looking for...something cheap and easy to throw on and off. The wife will be happy.

Let us know how they work.

The only potential downside I see is that the passenger will not get the full benifit of the rear suspension since the footpegs are mounted to the swingarm.

Although I got a bike for my wife, sometimes she likes to ride as a passenger cause for some reason my bike goes where it is supposed to go, while hers darts for the side of the trail :)

I ordered the passenger pegs today (21 Nov). I'll let ya'll know if they're worth the whopping 24 bonez.

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