80 mph+ on freeway

I unloaded the rear spring preload on my 93 650 to the min setting (i weight 180 lbs)took off brush gaurds and frames from handle bars,got a street tire thats a half inch taller in the rear and lowered front end by slideing fork tubes up so they stick up about 1 inch above triple clamp the bike is more stable than i though it could ever be i comute 62 miles 1 way to work and its all carpool lane 80+ mph and bike is handleing like a dream just need street tire on front looking at a venmon cost is $125.00 so next week ill get I love this bike.


I would be very carful about unloading your rear preload, another guy here last week did that very thing and got a high speed wobble and down. High speed on a tall bike and I would crank in a little more preload than your sag specs call for, if you want to lower it, put a lower link on, drops the seat a little and your suspension and settings stay the same.

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