What Side chassis protector options do I have

I notice the sides of my Painted Steel frame on my 2006 WR is getting rubbed off by my bike boots, what is out there that i can put to protect this? I have found yamaha protectors but for only older Yz's

I have Acerbis plastic frame protectors on my 03, they're nice and tall, protecting most all of the frame in that area :thumbsup:

I put some duct tape on mine. the tape is black and it does the job. At the end of the ride, I take it off.

Its cheap, but it works. Sometimes I have to use a little solvent to remove the glue from the tape (that or a little gasoline works great)

Your local Moto shop will have sheets of clear tape... may be too late to retain that New Blue look though. I used this & aluminum frame guards from day 1... perfect combo, still looks new.

I used to use the clear plastic leftovers from my number plate covers. worked great.

clear tape is definately too late, paint is rubbed off already, does anyone make any kind of cover? and can i buy some touch-up paint or get a code so i can mix some at the local paint shop.

I went for the Works Connection frame guards. They cover most of the potential rub area. A little blue paint should take care of any rubbed off paint that still shows.

Hi Mountain, I bought CRD frame guards as I found the same problems. Unfortunately too late but the aluminium guards now cover the worn areas. Picture on the link below.



Yeah that is what IM looking for 4sure, only here in Canada if Possible.

Hey Max, what tall seat are you using on your bike?

Sorry about the hijack!

Got the GYTR aluminium gaurds, check with your local Yammie dealer.

I did, they only listed them for certain year yz's no listings for wr, do you have the part numbers that fit the 05/06 WR's??

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