Gas Gas 300 vs. KTM 300 xc(w)

as for their differences, all i know is that the gas gas has a 6th gear which would be good for the pavement/dirt roads i hit every now and then. as for the rest im looking for input.

The gasgas has a linkage type rear suspension which works better in roots and rocks...

The gasgas has a smoother power delivery along with the six speed transmission.

The stock zoke forks and ohlins shock work very well out of the box. Ohlins forks can be had as an option on the gasgas.

The gasgas can be had in nearly street legal trim if you order an EC model (lights, horn, turn signal wiring in place, etc.).

The gasgas has more precise steering than the KTM.

The new corporate gasgas colors are red/black - beats the heck out of pumpkin orange...



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The Gasser feels lighter and is more nimble in the tough stuff. Plus, it instills confidence right off the bat, while the KTM feels sluggish & top-heavy. (At least it did to me.)

And don't fall for the line that G/G parts are hard to find. Most G/G dealers actually stock stuff - and even if they don't, it's usually less of a wait and cheaper than pumpkin bits.

what would you say the top speed is with stock gearing on the gg? glad to see americans replying, i was expecting id get all euro input which can be alittle different sometimes.

were there any magazine shootouts i could read online?

were there any magazine shootouts i could read online?

Most articles that I have read were only in printed form (magazines). Here is one that Dirtrider posted on their website but it is a EC250 not the EC300.

It will give you a good idea about GG bikes. Note: most magazine complaints are typically about ergonomics like handlebar and peg position. Since this is very personal... I would take those comments with a grain of salt. The handlebar height/offset, seat foam, and peg position are easily customized.

The GasGas Rider's Club is another great resource. There are manuals, part crossover list, tech articles, dealer and aftermarket lists. There is a new forum that started recently which is a great gathering place for all GG dealers and riders... no bias here.

Also, the original GasGas forum was Talking Smack, which is now under new ownership. It is still a great resource with a lot of history.

Many GasGas riders have experience with KTM's either personally or through their friends. We are a great bunch of folks who love their GG's for the same reasons. We are always willing to help each other out. :thumbsup:

the gas gas has a lower price !!

The GasGas has an outstanding motor. It has a very smooth, tractable and responsive power delivery but flick the little switch on the handle bars to the advanced ignition setting and it becomes an MX style rocket ship that will run with most 500s.

If I remember right the stock gearing would do over 80mph but the engine felt like it would pull much taller gearing.

The ergonomics are very interesting. The bike comes with multiple bar mount positions (forward, back, up and down) and feels very roomy and comfortable for me in stock trim (I'm 6'1") but I had a chance to ride the bike Fred Hoess set up for the Quicksilver and it felt very small. So there is a lot of adjustment available as stock. I bought my son an EC200 this year and can honestly say that this is now my favorite bike in the mountains. I think my next personal bike will be the 300.

I've ridden an '05 GG300 and an '06 KTM300 and would have to say the GG turned a little sharper, was a little plusher, felt a little lighter and had a slightly smoother motor. Not big differences but noticeable.

There is no comparison. Its like comparing apples to oranges! :ride: Sorry, I couldn't help my self! :thumbsup:

I notice you have a '95 kx250 in your signature...

I had a '94 kx250 that I totally enduro-ized - moose (slavens) ported motor, fmf pipe, steahly flywheel, 18" rear wheel, resprung and revalved for woods - I dropped alot of money into this bike... I sold this off in '96 or so and later picked up an '01 gasgas ec300... The gasgas is similar to the kx in ergos and solved all the issues I had with the kx... Namely...

If I geared the KX for tight woods, then it ran out of steam on the logging roads... Needed a wide ratio transmission.... The gasgas comes stock with a wide ratio six speed tranny.

The kx had a smallish 2.0 gallon tank - given the perimeter frame on the kx - to add fuel, it had to go up and to the sides - it makes the centralized mass of the fuel tank inside the perimeter frame to, frankly, go to crap... Felt like a truck once you put a big tank on it and topped it off.. The gasgas' perimeter frame is designed to accomodate a 2.7 gallon tank and it carries the fuel very centralized. Good for 50 miles and feels very light even when topped off with fuel.

I needed a lighting coil on the KX - the gasgas comes with a 35 watt coil and can be had special ordered with a larger ignition that puts out about 80 watts (ec model versus de model gasgas).

The gasgas I ordered was an EC model and came nearly street legal - DOT legal tires, turn signals, horn, etc. It was like it came with a baja designs kit for free...

I wanted to punch the motor out on the kx250 - the gasgas can be had with 300cc displacement out of the box.

I had to lace up an 18" rear rim on the KX to make it less resistant to flats in the woods - the gasgas comes stock with an 18" rear rim.

The suspension on the KX had to be resprung and revalved for woods work. The gasgas comes standard with very woods friendly marzocchi forks and an ohlins shock in the rear.... I ordered my bike with the optional ohlins forks, but I think I will just get the "zokes" the next time around...

I didn't have an odometer on the KX - the gasgas comes stock with one..

The KX front brake was a little spongey - the gasgas comes stock with an oversized front brake rotor and a steel braid front brake line - very good nissin brakes on the gasgas.

I boiled the kx over sometimes in the tight stuff - the gasgas comes with large capacity radiators....

And probably a bunch of other stuff I am forgetting...

BTW - my friend bought a '95 kx - it had more power low to mid than my '94 which had a broader powerband. The power band on the gasgas is more similar to my '94 than my friends '95 kx250 - power is very broad and very smooth on the gasgas (this is if you get the stock gasgas, messico, or doma pipe - I don't like the fmf gnarly pipe on the gasgas - but it is personal preference).



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thanks for the info oregon rider. The Kx is a good first bike so i cant complain since ive never had another bike. but once im done learning the ropes on this bike i look forward to movin on the greener pastures (thats not a pun for another kawi necisarly lol).

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