Problems post AIS installation


I have done a search for the AIS removal instructions etc. plus the jetting charts and this is where I get stuck. I cannot find a post with the type issue I am having.

I ordered the GYTR removal kit, installed it as per instruction (middle clip etc.) and did the rest of the free mods (airbox mode, grey wire). Turned the screw out 2.5 turns as per instruction. I also fitted the GYTR after market exhaust. Now the problems have started. I tested the setting and found on deceleration the bike backfires badly (took the plug out and it was slightly rich). I then turned the screw in a half a turn and it sorted the backfire out but now the bike is running a little to lean. Because it is such a pain to get to the plug etc. I would appreciate a little advice on what to do next. As it is quite difficult to get jets where I am I was told I could drop the clip one notch on the needle, which will raise the needle position. This coupled with 2 turns out on the screw should sort the problem out.

By the way I am at 1800m above Sea level (+- 5000 feet) and temperature is around 28 degrees C or 85F.



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