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Husky SM610 jetting, think I'm there finally!

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So after 4 tries and alot of different variations, believe I have the jetting dialed in about perfect.

Riding area/climate

sea level to about 3K feet

70-100 degrees, mostly 90's with 60+ % humidity

180 Main (stock was 172)

45 Pilot (stock was 50)

JD Red Needle at clip position #6 (stock needle was at clip 4)

Fuel screw about 2.8 turns out (stock was at 1.25)

65 Leak jet (stock was ?)

AP set at stock specs

Boyensen Quick Shot

The bike starts easy with no choke. After full warm, holds a good idle ~1600/1700 rpms. Runs clean and strong from off idle all the way to redline. Nice mid range pull. Very minimal popping on decel, more burbling that popping.

I tried different jets, like 42/50 pilots, 185 and 190 mains and the needle from 4-6 position. The above seems to work the best and has the most linear power curve with no gaps.

Now it runs clean and strong and is fun to ride. All that is left is to do is get my seat done and that is 2 weeks away! :thumbsup:

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