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Pozo ride report

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Sorry I put the ride notice up so late. I usually send a PM because people don't check the board all that often.

We had a good ride, it wasn't too hot. I was late, had to go back to get stuff and then didn't bring enough gas! We did 20 mi,TF to Howard's bypass, Navajo bypass down to the Red Hill staging area, then up to Las Chiches along the ridge and back to TF.

We both knew the area pretty well so went went pretty quick, Coop faster than me!

We had a long chat with a ranger at TF, but it wasn't a hassle once he decided we were friendly. Apparently the Penguins DS ride got them all upset which is a shame. I think this was the same guy who was coming up the paved road past TF with his lights on, taking up the whole road around a blind corner during the event. He almost hit my son and I even though we were riding fully street legal dual sport machines with daytime running lights! He referred to how he almost hit two crazy guys who were riding unlicensed bikes... Good thing no one got hurt, he would have had some explaning to do! Just why the F*** is it always our fault!!!!!

We both had to be back to do chores so the time worked out. We'll both be at the CCMA meeting at Margie's in SLO Thursday night.

We want to plan a trip to KM or the Piutes, also do some of the DS rides in the Fall. Keep in touch!

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