2006 YZ450F Complete Stock Exhaust needed ASAP!

Does anybody still need one?

Does anybody still need one?
Its only a matter of time. To many people riding the 06, before you know it its taco time for the exhaust and you will be there. :thumbsup: It could be me after sunday.

I need a headpipe only...how much for just that?

Im trying sell the whole thing and, if not the whole thing than just the slip-on. I am going to need a sparky thats the only reason

I still have a slip-on for sale. Brand New never used. It wasnt even run up and down the street!

I will sell you this one for $100 has a little dent but it is still ok.


Whoa!!! That is TRICK!!! I would have never thought of using the exhaust blast to help keep the rear wheel on the ground and increase traction. Bet it works like a charm. And that step fender- brilliant!!! You'll never slide off the back of that bike.


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