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installing signal lights on 2000 xr650r?

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I am planning replacing my '90 DR350s with a 2000 XR650r. However I need to add signal lights. The Baha Kit looks overkill, I don't think I need the rear fenter or new headlight. Any advise?

PLus, how is this monster for lighting the front tire on the trails?

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the stock lighting sucks. Get the BD kit and rewind the stator. It's the only way to DS it correctly.

You could save money by shopping around and getting parts from all over,

But the DB kit is complete, it has everything you'll need to get the bike

street legal.... and the best thing is, it all fits together. All the wiring and

switches and parts are all designed to work together, and it's a breeze to install.

The kit includes a brake light switch (650R has none) with a taillight

that has both tail and brake lights.

I got my stator from Ricky Stator it's great and cost the same as a rewind from BD.

It can also be run as a single 200+ watt or two 100+ outputs.

I have mine set up with the one output driving just the lights (AC) head and tail light.

and the other output running the DC system (turn signals, horn, running light

and brake light) this also charges the battery.

This setup works great, it gives you main beam only with the motor running

though. However the dry cell batties that BD provides with the kit wouldnt

run a 60watt (low beam) headlight for long anyhow.

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I went with small LED turn signals and bought a turn signal switch all off of Ebay. I left the lighting alone but I don't really ride at night. If I did I would rewind the stator and change out the head light. The stock headlight is good enough to be legal but if I was riding trails at night it wouldn't work.

I found lots of help from the guys on the Yahoo 650 site. John

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