Any XR600R's In/Around Prescott, AZ?

Howdy folks. I'm having a bear of a time trying to replace my wheels on my XRL. :ride: I'm now trying to see if I can sourse an XR600R hub, use my forks, caliper/rotor and speedo drive and lace a Pro-Wheel or Excel rim to it. Unfortunately, the XRL has a 32 spoke front wheel and no one makes aftermarket 21" wheels for it! It's driving my nuts.

SO, my proposal is this. If anyone is in the area and has an XR600R, I'd like to meet up with you and talk/compare bikes and wheels. I just need to see if it's possible - and I think it might be - but can't take the plunge without knowing.

I've got 5 bikes in the garage, a stereo and lots of beer. :thumbsup: If you're as nuts as I am about two wheels - it'll be fun. I've also got neighbors with Harley's, KTM's and sportbikes to kick the tires on as well.

PM or email me if you're interested. Thanks, Brian

Sorry, but both my XRs have different wheels than stock on them! Ones supermoto with Z billet hubs and excells and the other one has either YZ or RM wheels and hubs on it I don't know which yet, but they look like RM wheels. Hey, but Ill be happy to come by and drink some beer and bench race with ya when Im in Prescott!

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