transmission shaft rotational play?

I can't diagnose a problem I am having in the driveline of my 2000 WR400. Last ride a vibration started. It results in a large clunk and the chain does a large slap onto the swingarm, when the bike is on a centre stand, each time the throttle is revved up and each time the throttle returns to an idle. It seems like a large amount of "slack" in the driveline somewhere. I have eliminated the primary drive gear nut being loose as well as the counterbalancer driven gear and key. This clunk and slap scenario repeats itself in all 5 gears The transmission shifts very smoothly and I have not had it jump out of a gear yet. I noticed quite a bit of free play when I rotate the mainshaft of the transmission before the countershaft starts to turn but I can't find out from the manual or from thumpertalk how much play is normal. Can any one help me out?

Another way, and simpler way, is to ask this is how far does your bike roll forward and backwards with the engine off and the cutch engaged in first gear before it stops? Mine will only roll between 1.5 inches and 2 inches from "stop" to "stop". Is that the correct distance?

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