wr400 brake pressure switch *HELP!*

I'm working on get my wr400 on the road. I need a pressure switch for the rear brake. Anyone know where I can get one fast? I have a bike wrecking yard close to my house. Is there a street bike that uses one? What have you used for you road legal wr's?

I bought mine from http://www.peakmoto.com and I think it was the 10X1.25 pitch. It was a K&S brand.

I ordered mine from www.bajadesigns.com Their site can be kind of a pain. It may be easier to call them if you can't find it. Their # is on their front page.

Most Japanese bikes use the 10mm dia x 1.25 pitch threads on the banjo bolts. Try the boneyards, but anyone that does Parts Unlimited can get the K and S switch for you "next day"...so can Rocky Mountain.

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