wheel cleaning

Original wheels on my 01 426 are looking kinda sad. They are straight and true just like the rest of the bike, they're just dull. I tried Mothers once. it was ALOT of work and it seemed like it made it harder to keep looking good after a couple washes. I tried S.O.S pad with diluted Mr Clean ( A tip from the Factory Honda mechanic washing Milsaps' bike at Budds Creek), Still no joy. What have you guys tried that worked for you?


I dont know about the yamahas but on a honda you cant use a scratch pad.For some reason they put some kind of clear coat on them.All i did to keep them clean was to just wipe them down good after every wash.

I spray my rims and tires with Armor-All Foam & Shine after washing.

i use the silkolene pro prep on mine, ijust spray some on a towel and do one side at at time, as well as the spokes, works pretty good as a cleaner if you use quite a bit,once you get them clean they only need a touch up when you clean your bike. i love this pro prep as it really makes your bike look good after washing it. you can spray pretty much the whole bike down with this stuff, except for the rotors of course. then i'll hit the underside of the fenders with it as it makes the mud not stick either.

once the clear coat is worn off they will always be that dull look......my 03 suffers the same fate.........

Never use a SOS or scotch brite pad...they help to remove the clear faster than roks, dirt and roost...........

You could see about geeting them reannodized but they are cheaper just to replace if the shiny look is what you desire.

I think it's true when the clear coating is gone you're just going to have to deal with dull rims. Mothers does work though, but its a hell of a lot of work. I think my friend (original owner) used harsh cleaners on the wheels when he washed it. No biggie, they work just as good as shiney ones.

I just wipe the rim with a rag, get the water marks off, get the excess dirt off (if any). My rim's look fine...I gave up on trying to shine up the aluminum rims, if it was chrome...then that would be another story.

try the pro prep, then they'll shine!!!! and it'll keep the mud off and keep them from getting stained.. i love pro prep, i should buy stock in the stuff.

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