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Pinnacles SBNF

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Well, on Saturday, I finally got the little woman on the bike for a ride up in the San Bernardino National Forest. For her first time, she did great. She fell a couple of times, but jumped right back up. She has a couple of bruises to prove it. Conditions were perfect up on the mountain.

Here we are getting ready for the ride



Tracy warming up at the Pinnacles staging area


We got all geared up and I gave her a quick lesson on where everything was, brake, clutch, shifter, etc. It's amazing how much about riding you take for granted when you are teaching someone new.

Now on to the trails. I took this pic riding one handed behind her.



We rode down to Devil's Hole at Deep Creek for a break in the shade and a quick snack. And yeah, I know the pic is corny.....


Back on the trail after the break. This is where she was getting a little faster. Blistering speeds up to 20! Until she hit a little sand and washed out her front wheel. Went down pretty hard and got a little razzled. Oh, and at one point we came across a rattler all coiled up right in the middle of the trail.



Well, we made it to the end. 3 falls and 2 snakes later and she was still smiling. She was a still a little razzled after her last fall, so we decided to call it a day.


All in all, it was a fun day. Sure is hard to keep the bike in first and second gear all day though.

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hey paul were you riding your 450 that jeff wiped out on? oh or did he tell you that LOL. it happened in that same water crossing where i almost hot that truck when we went. i might be going back up on sat might meet up with some cats from TT and D37 for a ride. either that or LPNF depends where it's going to be cooler. looks like fun did jeff tell you i crossed the river at devils hole? then they decided not to cross. lol good ride though

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Nice pics! So that was you guys i spoke to at 9am... i rode up on a WR450 asking if you knew marc with a c and coupe?

Hope to see you out there again soon - Dave

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