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How to you know when you need new Piston/ring

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The only way is compression check but i don't know at what point you need to replace stuff. Neither does anyone else i've asked.

I'm sure that Yamaha suggest replacing the piston after 30hrs competition use. My 02 YZ250F never had the piston replaced by the previous 3 owners and had been mx'd every year. I had it for an additional year and replaced the piston even though the old one didn't even need changing, absolutely no blow-by or wear but as the piston kit had little ends and the head was off i just had the thing replaced anyway.

My preference is to replace a piston at the end of every year depending on the amount of abuse/use the bike has had.

Remember to keep on top of the oil and filter changes, air filter maintenance. Get your valves checked/reshimmed.

Do a search here, or perhaps someone else with nore knowledge can help you out. :thumbsup:

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