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How did T'Talkers go at the Blue Light?

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G'day All,

Yep what a day! It was sunny all week leading up to the event and I thought to myself "New back tyre?". Nah, the weather should hold. Hmmm....bad move. On the day, everywhere I looked everyone was sporting sharp crisp rubber. Except me.

What a slippery muddy and filthy ride. I managed to make it easily around the SHIFT loop with no major problems. I was somewhat dubious at the 2 minute mark into the SHIFT ride. Can anyone say Tight Slippery and Bikejam in one sentance?Luckily as things progressed - the quicker riders shot ahead allowing a more natural and flowing pace. At the end of this loop, me and my mate finished with about 25 minutes to get ready for the next loop.

Then came the FOX loop. Yikes. Mud mud and more mud. I remember riding up one slight up hill clay track and falling off at least three times. The back end of the bike would just spin 180 and toss me off. I started to get angry when the oil burners were riding faster than me! There was one hill that had bikes littered everywhere. I would estimate at least 20 bikes stopped and every one of them balanced between a fine line of traction and various stages of falling over. I was cursing the rounded and chunked excuse for a knobby that I had brought along. With much grunting, falling over, falling over, and spinning out I finally made it to the top.

Finally I made it to the start paddock only to fall in front of the camerman (riding a CRM). Doh!

Overall it was a fantastic day put on by Claus and his legion of helpers.

Oh yeah, did anyone see the goon in the Elvis outfit? That was me! :)



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Hey I saw you and if I remember correctly you started 0n Shift 40(Thats is where I started) or their abouts the first twisty bit was quite frustrating ???

I made the same decision about the rear tyre but only had one get off .

Cresting a rise on the slimy red clay it decided it wanted to totaly sideways and then get grip when the bike was 90 degrees to the direction of travel.So then I became Super Man for a second and then mud man for the rest of the sliding stop.

The hill that you are talking about was it on the Fox loop. If so their were a lot of people going around it on the road. Igot back after the second loop and was talking to somone as we came in and they said that they were just finishing the Fox loop.So all in I had a ball

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