250 sxf big bore kits

hi . Just wondering, any one ever fitted one or had it done.

Ive seen adds for a 284 big bore kit and wondered if there was any links or advise on the subject.

thanks .

HT Racing is one of the main reason for getting the new 250 XC-W, going to make a great 312cc trail bike...

MunnRacing sold me a 280 kitted 250SXF. It still gives up a bit to 450's and 250 2 stks at the start, but once rolling, it is competitive. I just get out jumped on the big doubles and triples (mental thing).

My next 250XCF-W will have a HT 312 kit.

I've got an '06 with the HT305 kit in it. :applause: All I can say is wow!! Lighter and faster than my '04 CRF450. :applause: It takes a little more shifting, but I'm fixing that this weekend with a Rekluse autoclutch, like I had in my 450. The KTM is way easier to whip in and out of the turns or trees. Weight feels like I'm on a 2stroke again, only it motors with that 4stroke smoothness.

A few more months of this bike and I'm gonna do it all over again with an '07 XCF250/312 from HT. :thumbsup: I just gotta have that e-start for the harescrambles I race. Then I'll turn the '06 back into a mx only bike. :applause:

Are they reliable w/ the big bore kits?

I too would like to know about the reliability of these kits. I have looked at a few but still dont know.

In theory (Maico Bills…which I agree with) the 305/312 HT Racing kit should actually make a more reliable bike than the original stock engine. Lower compression while also moving the power down a 1000 or so RPMs. I don’t rev my bike nearly as high as was when it was stock. Since you don’t have to rev it as high, I can understand where the valve train longevity would benefit. I believe his kit (if installed by them) comes with a 6-month warranty.

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