vulnerable frt brk line on a 650L?

hi all...

I recently had a mishap that has me wondering..... :thumbsup:

I had a fairly big get off recently and somehow, in the course of the crash, the front brake line snapped off at the banjo fitting.......

check out the photos here:

check out posts #4 & 5 for the pics of the self created problem

at first, I didn't think too much about it, as the crash was pretty big and involved the top side of the bike making contact with a tree :cry: , so I thought it was a bit of a freak thing, but now that I've had time to reflect about, I'm wondering if this is a normal type of thing to have happen and if anybody else has experienced this type of crash related damage before?

also, if anyone has any tips on how to avoid this type of carnage in the future, any tips would be much appreciated :ride:



is this thing on?

I've never seen someone snap that before.


new to me also.

but then i dunno wth "ttt" means either.

to the top maybe?

sorry about the crash, but i seriously havent heard of anyone snapping a brake line before.

He even has bark busters, one in a million shot for sure.

That's a one-off. You should be proud of that! :thumbsup:

thanks all......yeah ttt means "to the top".....intarweb lingo for the new era......

A lotta bad get off's on the ol' L . Never had that happen.

Looks like a fun ride, wish I was there


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