Rinaldi Tires?

I just brought my bike in to have some suspension work done on it and the guy gave me a good deal on some new Rinaldi RW33 tires. Now I know they are not as good as some other tires like the Michelin S12 for example but will they be better than the stock Dunlops that came on my 05' WR450? Anyone have any opinions on Rinaldi tires? Also, on a side note, does anyone know if the 07' WR450 looks close enough to the 05' that I could trade in my 05' without the wife noticing? :thumbsup: Thanks.


A I know, Rinaldi is made in Brazil, as Pirelli Mt16, and I think has the same durability , because of the rubber. As experience I have tried many tires like this Mt16, and has a great longevity especially on tarmac, good cornering, traction. About Rinaldi, I can't tell you the performance, but according tho the design we could expect some good feeling about it, Why not to try, one for instance or never more! About the trade wr 05 to 07, it is so hard to unotice the diferences, one is updated on design, no loud noise, a beautiful headlight and taillight, an aluminum frame... if your wife is not motorcycle fan, she even notice the diferences, but I bet that she will, unfortunatelly, specially on your credit card, because you must have to spend some money to bring it to racing features... bye!


I'm from Brazil. Rinaldi's tires are good and have lower prices. Don't be afraid to use them. Good quality and good lasting - similar to Pirelli.

I had/have rinaldi's on my bike. I just replaced the rear. i ride rocky high desert to alpine terrain. The desert rocky areas made my rear tires chunk a bit. good traction though till they got some miles on it. I went with a vulcanduro rear due to good deal and in stock. The front Rinaldi works better than stock. worth the cheap price i guess.

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