Manual for Edelbrock carb online?

Anyone know if there's a pdf online somewhere so I can read up on the that carb? It was installed in the bike I bought, but I didn't get a manual for it. It's running fine, but I want to know what to do when I run into problems. Can't find the documentation on the Edelbrock site.


Yeah, the Edelbrock company website is clearly for 4-wheel dudes mostly. They do have a "Tech Center", but it is hidden pretty good. I couldn't find the PDF for the XRR Quicksilver (Edelbrock #3115) or ANY Quicksilver, but you might take your own look-see: go to the company main site "" and click "Product Warranty" at the top. Then click "Tech Center" on the left side of the page and it will take you to their document listing. The Quicksilver should be in the listing "3000-30000" but it isn't.

Pester 'em. Send em an email saying you need a PDF file for the #3115 manual. See what they say. You know they have one, they just haven't gotten around to posting it. My guess is they will send you the file.

You lucked out, getting your QS carb already on your R. I got one about a year ago and the improved throttle response is sweet.

Ride safe.

thanks, looks like I'll have to bug the webmaster :thumbsup:

let me know if you don't have any luck getting them to send you the PDF.

Worse case I'll copy mine and email or fax you the pages. Ugly, but at least you'll have a manual...


Are we talking about the 4 page installation manual that comes with the carb, or something with a little more detail? The installation manual doesn't have much in the way of schematics, rebuild procedures etc. which is the info I would like to get.

the seller found what he has in his toolbox - getting it in the mail :thumbsup:

I'm mostly interested in the adjustment instructions.


Update on the Quicksilver Owners Manual. I scanned it into a Word document, but even scanning the pages on the lowest setting, the document is still 8 MB. And zipping it barely dents the size down at all.

I was going to post the doc in My Garage so anyone who needed it could access it, but I do not want to hog-up that much server storage.

Anyway, I converted it to a PDF and that's got it down to about 6.5 MB, so if anyone needs the manual and doesn't mind the freaking file size, let me know and I'll email it.

Ride safe.

you could email it to me and I can post it on my server (got my own box with more than a terabyte of drive space).

Didn't get the original in the mail yet. PM me for my email address if you want to do that,


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