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has any one seen this before?

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I need some help with a problem i am having with my 99 650L .Some times when i would do a wheelie,when i would bring the front wheel back down my engine would make a clicking sound,like valves that needed adjustment for a few seconds then it would go away.But the last time this happend it stayed and now wont go away.I adjusted the valves,they were ok,the only thing i could think of were the auto decompresser on the cam ,i took it apart and it seemed fine or could it be the oilpump? I tried to see if i could pinpoint the sound by using a screwdriver pressed against my ear but it seemed to come from everywhere. I dont understand why this almost always happended when doing a wheelie and would go away. I have a cam and oilpump in my spare parts but wanted to see if anyone could help before pulling this apart.

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