Anyone with a reusable oil filter have an answer?

So I just purchased a CCT Reusable oil filter for my 00 426. The directions say to make sure and save the old spring from inside the filter housing. Is there a spring? I didn't see one. However, on the OEM filters there is a rubber grommet on both sides of the filter and this filter only has it on one side. What should I do?

The Hondas have a spring. Maybe the instructions are generic. :thumbsup:

They are indeed. I am not familiar with a CCT filter, but the OEM Yamaha has no spring involved with the filter. Furthermore, the Scotts and the low cost splashes of it, the CRT and the Ready, do not use a rubber base pad, either. They simply install into the filter well and seat directly in the case, with only the seal on the outboard end.

Sorry, I meant CRT (just got typing fast). That answers it. Thanks.

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