Spare header pipe heat shield anyone?

Anyone out there have a OEM 2001 header pipe heat shield there willing to sell for a reasonable price?? I bent mine in a wipeout with my 2002 WR426 I had in the desert last weekend. I was wondering if anyone in the forum has one laying

around after they went with a aftermarket exhaust pipe?? :)

I'd just unbend it a bit and leave it at that. Its going to get smashed up anytime you go down on the right side anyway.

I can sell you a nice carbon header pipe guard from Europe.

Better quality than DSP and a snip at the price.

How does US$40.00 grab you for a piece of factory hardware!

I also have carbon frame guards and vented carbon number boards if anybody would like to buy some.

I just put a WB taper head pipe on mine. I was going to hang on to the stock unit (in perfect shape with shield) as a spare.....but I could be convinced to part with it to help out. E-mail me.

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