Please help me

I have a 2003 yz450f and my front brake rotor has rubbed through the front brake line. I'm 16 years old and i have decent mechanic skills but i do not no anything about hydraulics. How do i bleed the breaks out and insert new hydraulic break fluid into the new cable, and is their any way i can reroute the brake cable to where it does not rub?

Just keep the resevior full of brake fluid and crack open the bleeder screw on the caliper. Keep opening the bleeder screw allowing fluid to escape until there is no air in it. Gravity should be able to fill the hose and pretty much self bleed for you. If the brake feels mushy after this you can slowly squeeze the lever a few times, then hold pressure on it and open the bleeder screw for a short time. Make sure to close the the bleeder screw before the lever reaches the end of it travel. I just changed the fliud in my '00 426 and only had to gravity bleed it. Make sure to keep the brake fluid off the rotor, pads and wheel, and any painted surfaces.


Where did it rub and why? It should have a bracket that holds it away from the rotor. You can change the angle slightly by repositioning it under the banjo bolt. If you break open the brake system it will generally be more tedious than the method described above, but very easy to do. Do you have a manual? Brake bleeding is the same on any closed system so even an auto maunal will suffice.

i dont see a bracket, the guy before me must have taken it off because he had galfer steel braided brake lines installed. it rubs at the very top of the rotor.

I had that problem with the Galfer line on my '03. I picked out a spot on the fork guard where I wanted the line to tie to, then drilled a 3/16" hole near the edge of the guard. I ran a zip-tie through the hole and lashed the hose down with it. Now it behaves. :thumbsup:

definetly go with the zip tie as gray racer said

The best method I have found for bleeding brakes is to push the fluid back toward the master cylinder with a syringe like THIS ONE. Attach a small piece of plastic tubing to the end of the syringe, fill it with brake fluid and connect it to the bleeder screw. Open the bleeder and push the fluid back to the reservoir till all the air comes out. You might be able to find something like this at a surgical supply store. :thumbsup:

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