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Buying a bike from TT

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I wanted a little woods bike so, I looked around, check out different bikes and decide to pick up an 06 KDX-200. Yes a KDX-200, don't worry I've had a lot of bikes, blue, red, Orange, thumpers, pingers various CC's I just wanted the little pinger to play with in the woods for a few reasons.

1. Jeff Fredette , he always made me curious about the little KDX.

2. I didn't want to start out spending a ton of cash on a woods bike then turn around and throw more at it. ( I always through money at my bikes)

3. I love a challenge of taking an underdog and turning it into a good bike.

4. I wanted a pinger again!

I go to my local bike shops that sell green and after going through the "let's look at some numbers" and them trying to get me to pay over a thousand dollars for freight & set-up I was pissed! I've bought from these shops before so I wasn't really pleased.

I come home turn on the puter and go to TT OEM bike sales. TT's price was cheaper than the local red hot super saver sale price. Then they state no shipping charge over $295.00.

I send an e-mail on Saturday with questions and get an answer the same day. Sunday I thought about it and decided to purchase Monday. Duhhhhhhhhh silly me forgot about the east coast time difference so I didn't get to order until Tuesday. That was last Tuesday and today I have the bike sitting in my drive way. So, was it worth waiting a week and saving $800.00 YOU BET! The sale was easy, no BS, no hidden fees I just paid the price they showed and the shipping.

Will I buy again, YES! Harry told me he's working on getting KTM sales so I told him I'll give him a call in a few months for a 250SXF.

Plain and simple, it's easy to buy from TT OEM bike sales, you can save some dollars, and it's all hassle free and safe.

Try it, you'll like it!

Went to the airport and brought the lil beast home.


30-40 min's later.


Added gas checked fluids and


Now the building begins, suspension, exhaust, have the motor massaged, carb bored, some bolt on goodies and she'll make a good tight woods bike.



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