E-Start after YZ cam and timing

For those of you who have installed the YZ cam and gone with the YZ timing, how well does your E-start work. I just got a new battery and it seems as though the bike is almost ready to start, but doesn't. After a few hours of riding and the bike getting hot, did it start using the magic button. Other than the E-start, the bike screams :thumbsup: . What are others experience?

Model (400 - 426 - 450): 2003 WR450

Timing (WR-YZ): YZ, with YZ Cam

Main jet: 170

Pilot Jet: 48

Leak: 40

Starter: 70

Fuel screw (turns out): 2 out

Needle model/Clip position: JD blue on the 4th groove

Airbox lid (on or off): snorkel removed

Pipe: Jardine

Air filter: K&N

Altitude where you ride: 0 - 1000 ASL

Boyeson Quickshot

In case you were wondering.


When I put my YZ cam in, my bike woulnd't start with the E button either, I removed the cam three times and checked everything untill i decided to try the kick start (never used that before) and she started right up. Since then I noticed that when the bike is cold and the choke is on, the estart button still works, however when she is warm i find if i blip the throttle after it starts to crank over sometimes it will start....

I've had the same experience. I did notice that when I put the YZ cam in my bike did not start well with the button. But would start with 1-2 kicks.

Too be truly honest though, I never really thought it started that great with the WR cam either, when I compare this bike to my DRZ. My DRZ fires up if you just look at the button.

The e-start&YZ cam is insolvable problem?????????????? :applause::applause: I to go crazy..... Jetting??? what is the solution???

Please help!!!!

ps: sorry , my english is very poor :thumbsup::ride:

Just to let you all know, I installed a YZ exhaust cam in my WR450 and it starts easy with the E-start and runs great. I did put in a #70 starter jet at the same time which may have made a difference.

Dam youre lucky, I also put in the 70 starter jet, but mine will only start 1/2 the time with the button..... HMMmmmmmmmmm

Dam youre lucky, I also put in the 70 starter jet, but mine will only start 1/2 the time with the button..... HMMmmmmmmmmm

Yah thats what I thought. When I get the thing jetted just right I will post exactly what I've done. I did ALL the free mods including the BK mod and several other things. I am at 3500 ft elev. It runs a little rich right now and I'm suspicious of the JD red needle being to rich. I measured the diameter of the stock needle and it appears to be about .001" larger diameter than the JD red throughout.

Even so, the YZ cam did make it run smoother and gave it some high end boost.

I hate to rain on your parade, but I installed the YZ cam, did nothing else and it fires up right away with the electric start. I didn't touch the jetting or anything else.

If your having problems starting, you might want to check your exhaust valve clearances. :thumbsup:

After riding a bit, it does appear that the bike doesn't start quite as well but the E-start does work every time.

06 WR450F

YZ exhaust cam

Free mods

BK mod with about 1 mm clearance

165 main

45 pilot

100 main air jet

70 starter jet

fuel screw 1-1/4 turn out

FMF power bomb header and Q2 muffler

stock needle shimmed with 2 small washers

elev. 3500ft temp. 70-80F

I am finally satisfied with how it runs........very smooth running with cam, no sputter, no bog, very responsive.

I agree with the starter jet it helps also a friend put the decompression button off the WR cam on the YZ cam and it solved his problem, it appeared on his cams anyway that the WR cam button seemed to have a little more meat on it, we figure that helped with the decompression by opening the valves longer or more, who knows?? I don't have the problem but once and a while mine gets on the compression stroke and just won't turn over untill I give the kickstarter a little boot, otherwise its all good. Good luck.

I had been using the 70 starter jet with the WR cam and the bike was not an easy bike to kickstart cold. Since I installed the YZ cam and performed a valve job, the bike starts right away, no problem. Probably more the valve job, than the cam replacement. I installed a new battery, and the bike acts like it is almost ready to start, but doesn't. After the bike is hot (from racing), it starts right away.


with strong battery, fresh starter, proper jetting, and right technique it should work fine every time! mine did for over a year. but I'm back on the wr cam now any way. the wr cam has better power unless your on a motard track imho.

Finally! New battery and stock jetting 165MJ 45PJ BUT 3turn out fuel screw!! And the bike estart with every time!!

hmm, maybe mine is too rich.........when i press the hot start button sometimes it makes it easier to start with the magic button too.....

Is there any difference in the Intake Cam?

I am about to begin one of these projects. Actually using a WR motor to upgrade my YZ SM with 5spd, E-start. The WR is essentially new so only the hot YZ parts are remaining in the motor.

both cams are actually the same, just the exhaust cam has the sprocket pressed on at a different angle to allow different valve timing and still keeping the auto decompressor working.

Hi YZ cam users!!

Somebody deactivated the air cut valve system?? What isthe experience??

My frend kill the acv, and the estartig is perfect when the bike is warm.

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