Wr426f for a big guy!!!

Hey folks. I am 6' 280 lbs and am looking to buy a light weight thumper. I currently ride a KLR 650 and was wondering if the 426F would have power compairable to my bike. I find that the KLR is way too heavy for the off roading that I do, primarily fire roads and single track, but fairly open terrain. Quite a bit of mud and alot of poking around. A YZ is out of the quiestion because I like riding at night and need a headlight. I need to know if the WR will move my mass bulk body around well.

Thanks for the advice.


The WR would work for what you are looking for. However because of your weight you would not be satisfied without having the front forks and rear shock tuned for your ability. My high weight was once up to 240 and I took a beating until I had my suspension tuned and dropped to 220. The cockpit is open enough for a rider of your stature and can be opened up further with a bar change after you bend the stock set. Keep in mind that this bike is somewhat on the heavy side at about 270 lbs. The power available makes up for the weight on the trail and there are ways of tuning such as raising the forks up in the clamps and moving the rear wheel slightly forward that make the WR a great (4 Stroke) class woods machine. The bike hold up well to abuse and is very easy to maintain. There are a number of free or very inexpensive modifications (Most Born on this site) to bring out it's Fire Breathing Dragon capabilities. This is an excellent trail riding bike....The only drawback is it's weight, which takes a few rides to get used too, but as most of us feel is minor compared to what it delivers.....Power and Fun.

Good luck with what ever you choose to buy.

Bonzai :)


I am 6'2" 250lbs ( Remember muscle weighs more than fat :) ) and my WR 426 will hang with, in every gear any light weight on a 400. I have not riden w/anyone on a 426 yet. I did put heavier springs in the forks and shock. If you are going to do any serious jumping you will need some valving done on the suspension. I don't think this is a matter of our weight but the way the suspension is designed.

The WR is not all that light though. Especially pulling it out of a mud hole. I use my weight to push it around. I lean the bike against my body and like a NFL lineman I pass block it where it has to go rather than just lift it.

Lighter riders seem to get tired quicker on the WR and you will feel the weight after a long tight ride.

Please do not gleen from my post that I was accusing anyone of being fat....The WR suspension is designed to support a 180lb rider in it's stock configuration. I have found that more than 200-220 lbs (Fat or Muscle) tends to bottom out, sometimes causing great pain to the wrists and ankles, depending on the jump or hole hit...

Bonzai :)

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

Please do not gleen from my post that I was accusing anyone of being fat.......

Bonzai :)

Well I'm FAT! :D Working on getting less fat though.

As far as a WR-426 handling that much weight, everyone is correct. I tip (smash actually) the scales at closer to 290 and ride a WR-400F.

Changed rear spring to a 6.0 and front springs to .50, dropped front sprocket to 13 (gonna go 53 on rear also, to damn old to go that fast on 2 wheels)and I'm having a blast. Can't weight (pun intended) to lose the lard and really ride this thing.



LOL. Its good to see that us "big muscle bound" guys are enjoying our selves.

As for the WR, I can only compare to my KLR, which weighs in at about 375 lbs full of fuel. The WR weighs in considerably less than that so I would think that I wouldnt have much difficulty handling it around on the trails. My primary concern was the amount of power. From what you folks have told me, the 426 motor is more than up to the task. The bikes that are currently in the running for me are the WR, 520 EX/C, and the XR650R. Reliability is also a huge factor as well.

HP numbers that I've seen

WR426F 46 (Stock????)

XR650R 49.6 (mods done AFAIK)

520EX/C 55 (Stock)

That puts the 520 as the clear winner in the power dept, BUT it also is about 3 grand more expensive. You do get a few perks, like the majic button, and lighter by about 20 lbs. However, the only dealer close is about 120 miles away. I have a Yamaha dealer here in town.

Choices, choices.....

How about modifying the WR? Can the bike be brought up to KTM specs without sacrificing reliability??

Thanks again guys.

I have limited experience on the XR650 and the WR400, but noticed a huge difference. The WR seemed to have a rather light fly wheel and much less low-end than did the 650. The 650 I rode had been opened up with a Big Gun system and seemed to have loads of low-end torque. Being as big as you are and use to a heavy bike, I wouldn't hesitate to take a look at the XR650.

I'm only 200 with gear so i'm out of the size dicsussion, but I own a 98 & 2000 WR, and a TENGAI, (a KiLR 650, with a factory fairing, and low front fender) Unfortunatly the kilr does'nt get ridden much anymore. It has less power than the 400, AND WEIGHS SO MUCH MORE! it will be a night and day difference. Just be carefull were you point the WR when you pull the trigger! :)

Crazyadam Are you saying that the WR400 has more power than the KLR? I find the KLR to be more than adequate for my needs on the street, and I am quite happy with the power. IF the WR 400 has more power and the WR426 has even more, I can see that I will be VERY satisfied with the WR.

r4sbergXR600: Do you think the flywheel on the WR can be modified to come close to the low end grunt that you speak of on the XR?

Hang on, I just answered the HP question I had. The KLR has 36hp. That blows me away. Considering that the bike really hauls and it weighs 400 lbs fully topped up. The WR (at 46hp) must really haul ass. I believe the WR weighs in at 266 fully loaded. Cripes, that suckers got jam. Now I have a base line to compare to.

Don't get me wrong - I love my WR.....but you've got to love the "magic button" that comes with each 520 ex/c. I was going to go KTM when I bought the WR, I just couldn't find one.

For what you are planning, any of the three bikes you are considering will do just great! The WR and KTM I believe would be the best on the single track, while XR is a killer around the fireroads. Only the KTM has the starter! Don't underestimate how handy that button is. If you ride mostly fireroad with an occasional single track, it won't figure into the choice. If you ride mostly single track - buy the button and whatever bike is attached to it. Stuck in a tight off-camber section and kill the engine.....a touch of the button and you are off. Very cool!!

Oh - I forgot to add.......don't worry about the your weight on any of these bikes. RetSenior rides a 520 and is (as always) very fast (for short periods) - and according to the "ideal weight chart" should be about 8'6". :) I ride (on occasion according to Unkle Moose and RetSenior) my WR, and I don't weight much less than the bike.

Go for it.....any of the three will be a huge improvement over your KLR.

The XR is NOT at home in woods that are the least bit tight. The WR is so much more versatile it isn't funny.

So Yamaha's claimed weight for a WR is 266? Cute.

My WR tips the scales at 286lbs with a half tank of fuel.

My thoughts are as follows:

Kickstart can be very demanding when you are tired. I love my bike, but when my buddy presses the magic button after 2 hours...you know. Get in shape to kick the beast! Otherwise, I am at 215 and can wheelie 1-4 gear, no problem....

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