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DRZ Jetting, again, burned?

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Hoping you guys could help me with this one.

After putting in the Blue JD needle, 3rd clip, the bike still feels rough running.

At idle it stumbles, and transitioning from idle to riding it skips and just feels rough running. cracking the throttle it revs slowly and doesnt seem to have good pull.

Current settings:

06' DRZ400E


165 main (stock)

45 pilot (stock)

Blue JD needle 3rd clip

Stock fuel screw

Full stainless Roosta exhaust system (alot bigger header)

Coast enrichener is on

I'm at sea level, 15-30 degrees C

Thanks for any help.

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I couldn't be sure. Am i able to check that without removing the carb?

It definately bogs when i snap the throttle on, but even just smoothly rolling the throttle on the bike's power doesnt come on smoothly from idle.

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