WR vs YZ speed

In dead stock form what is the approximate top speed diff. in the 2 bikes,an '06 for arguments sake.

As delivered, the '06 YZ450 will run out of gear in 5th at right around 90-93 mph. I don't have my gear/speed chart fot that one here, but that's what I remember.

The WR is geared roughly 15-20% higher, but I don't think it has the juice to run to the rev limit in 5th, and I don't know exactly what it would top at for real. You might ask the WR guys next door. The benefit to the gearing is mostly in lowered cruising RPM for roads.

A YZ with a WR box would be another story, if that's what you're asking.

thank you, thats more or less what I needed to know[the top speed of the wr]

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