06 YZ450 - throttle question

Hey Guys - I picked up an 06!!! :thumbsup: The bike is awesome! But, one thing I am having a hard time adjusting to is the throttle sensitivity. It seems like it needs a firmer spring on the throttle cable. If I'm cruising at a steady speed, I have a hard time of maintaining a consistent speed. Has anyone else experienced this? I am comparing it to my 03 450.... but, it really seems touchy. Cheers!

I run mine with zero slop. I adjust it while the bike is running. I start it out loose and while the bike is running, I tighten the cable until the revs start coming up, then I back it off a little. I have no idea how people run with throttle slack, but whenever I ride a bike like that I do the same thing, blippy on the throttle. Other than that, I would just have to suggest working on your throttle control.

Thanks - but I don't think it's the "slop", there is no play. It just feels like the throttle is just too easy to turn. Maybe it's just me.... I'll adjust the cable as you suggested and see if that helps. Thanks!

If the fork compression is too stiff or the rebound is too fast it could be contributing to overall harshness over small chop. Maybe try softening the compression a little and see if that helps with your throttle control. If that helps but you want more, try slowing the rebound some. Don't go too far from your current setting or you could negatively effect things. You don't want to sacrifice good suspension action for "ham fisted throttle control". :thumbsup:

The throttle does seem lighter than the one on the '03 to me, too. I've more or less adapted to it, even as little as I get to ride the bike. If you feel like you need to make it stiffer, you'll have to do something about getting an older throttle shaft return spring, or move the anchor point to increase its preload. Be careful in modifying anything to do with the throttle linkage.

It may be a better idea just to try to get used to it.

Thanks, Grayracer - I haven't had it to the track yet but I noticed it just putting in the yard. I'll get a few days testing on the track and try to get used to it. I usually make matters worse when I start tinkering with things. :thumbsup:

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