WR426 suspension settings

Does anyone know the standard wr 426 fork and shock clicker settings.

I already tried a search with no luck, please don't say buy a manual.

I already have one for my bike YZF 426.

Its just the yz suspension is to harsh for tight woods,so i just bought some wr forks and shock to try,i already got springs for my weight,and still not satisfied, so i was going to swap them over to the WR suspension to try out.

I just need a base line really.Any other tips would be appreciated.

But not buy a new bike,cant afford it, and like the 426 anyway.


No one got any idea's then.

My mate with a 426 sets his bang in the middle for trailriding and tight stuff, and only messes with it if he rides a MX track.


Sorry , I just did not have the time to answer your question yesterday. I'll try to find some time to post tonight.


My mate with a 426 sets his bang in the middle for trailriding and tight stuff, and only messes with it if he rides a MX track.


That's about what I do but to be more precise I'll come with the stock numbers and with my preferences for trail riding and the mx track later.

You may hate me for this, I found the 426 to be very harsh especially in the forks fiddling with the clickers helped but did not solve the problem. I went to my local suspension shop with a data sheet listing my weight with gear (took a scale riding one day) and the type of riding i do they re-valved and re sprung the shock and fork. WOW big difference much smoother more comfortable and still good or better resistance to bottoming. a six or eight foot ledge or cliff jump landing used to hurt the wrists and feet. Now I look for that stuff because it's fun.

No amount of fiddling will fix the problem especially the forks. :ride:

Sorry I tried the only reason i mention this is it made such a big difference. :thumbsup:


Compression: 7 out.

Rebound: 8 out.


Fast Compression: 1 1/4 out.

Slow 10 out.

Rebound: 10 out.

According to my '02 manual anyway.

But other posters are right. Revalve is the real go. I stuffed around for ages and couldn't get a good setting. Always too harsh. Now i'm floating over stuff at twice the speed. Best money I've spent on the bike.

Ok thanks for the replys.

Might try a re-valve, I went out to test the suspension, got the forks to work better than my YZ ones.

But i ended up with the shock fully wound in on high and low speed compression,it was nice at low speed ,but as you go faster it would bottom out quite easily, even over whoops.It makes me wonder if the shock is faulty,or maybe i'm too fat 220 lb.

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