Want new bike!!

Looking into getting a CRF450X or WRF450. Can't decide, will be getting rid of RMZ250. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Seriously troll the two forums and look for problems with each bike.

I couldn't really find any with the WR's.

Looking at the CRF's, they seem to have gearbox problems, and a very bad reputation for valve problems, although this is something that is supposed to be fixed and I have not read of any recent problems for the '06 crf bikes.

Both are great bikes, Honda build quality is absolutely top shelf. Yamaha reliability is unquestioned.

Both bikes are restricted up to the hilt, both take a bit of money to make them half decent.

I feel the Honda was the better bike (not counting reliability), but that will all change with the new '07 model.

I have '05 WR450 by the way, I couldn't look past the reliability of the Yamaha's.

If I were you, take a look at the KTM's. They are the best bike going at the moment.

Mostly want long term reliability. Figured I could get an 06 wr discounted when the 07's show up with the new frame. Haven't looked at KTM's yet.

the 05's are essentially the same as the 06's. You'd find a really good deal if you looked.

I like my yamaha, no mechanical problems whatsoever.

Great bike, you will not go wrong with that choice. But... if you end up with an X, you will like it too.

id go for the wrf450.

WR450F ... nothing more needs to be said !!

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