pros and cons

get the 401a/402a best tired I have ever owned ,I even like them better than my m12 front and 952 rear combo

I seemed to get the whole tire sizing confused....
It's really pretty simple. Take a size like 110/90-19. The last number is simply the rim diameter at the bead seat. The first number is supposed to be the width of the tire body (not the tread) in millimeters. Just for fun, let's say that everyone measures the tires the same way, and they all measure from the outside or the inside so they can be directly compared.

The second number is what fouls most people up. It's the "aspect ratio". It tells you how tall the tire is from the bead seat to the top of the tire body (not the tread) in relation to it's width. So, a 100/100-19 would be 100mm wide, and 100% as tall as it is wide, or 100mm. A 110/90 is 90% as tall as wide, which makes it 99mm tall. About the same, but wider, see? A 120/80, then, should be 96mm tall...about the same, but wider, see?

People like Michelin make it worse by using different millimeters than anyone else. Their 130's are a lot like most 120's. :thumbsup:

Thanks Gray....that really helps :thumbsup:

i put the dunlop d755 on front of mine and it rocks, the 756 tires just wear out too fast and the 739 tire just plain sucked when it got wet or loose. the d755's are getting tough to find. my shop out here in colo still sells a ton of them, you used to see them advertised in the mags quite a bit, but know they are pushing the 756's and the 952's. i have always liked the old 752(now the 952) on the rear. i have run this combo(755 frt, 752 rear) for years and it just seems to wear good and work in many different kinds of terrain.. i dont know about the new 952 front though, i tries the old 752 front which looks like a carbon copy of the new 952 and i didn't like it in anything but deeper sand. it actually did work well in that.i just bought a 120 series 952 for the rear of mine just haven't put it on yet. changed the front after the first weekend i had this bike.

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