No More Overheating

Tried all coolant types to help reduce overheating when riding tight trails with my 99 YZ400F. Last year I followed a suggestion from someone here, and bought the WR overflow bottle from MRCycles for less than $15. I have not had to add any fluid since I did that last summer. Sure, it gets hot sometimes and the overflow fills a bit, but running fluid to the bottle and back cools it a lot. Not losing fluid is the main thing. As you lose fluid over the couse of a ride, it has less and less to cool with. I highly recommend this easy mod. Just make sure you mount it on the outside of the frame, and grind the side cover a bit. Inside the frame, and the tire rubs on it.

I'm thinking about doing that. How about some pic's?

Sounds interesting for those woods riders out their, picture would be nice to see though.

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