wr400 subframe will a wr450 one fit

hi, anyone know if i can fit an alloy WR450 03 subframe to a 99 wr400 been offered one cheap. :thumbsup:

After looking at pics of both of those frames on the yamaha oem parts site http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/parts/home.aspx (follow steps 1-3 to select model etc), i don't think you'll have a problem as all the mountings are the same. The only slight difference i can see is at the top of the frame where the seat sits, There are two brackets which i think retain the battery box so you may have to grind these off for your 00WR seat to fit? I know when i fitted an 03 YZF450 rear frame to my 02 WR426 the only mod i had to do was grind about 1/2" off the top mount where it slots over the frame mounting where the retaining bolt pinches them tight together. That was because i fitted the 03 YZF Airbox and that has a different top-mount than the WR. But i don't think you'll have this problem though as they look identical apart from what i mentioned above. Sorry i don't sound convincing enough but on a percentage basis, i would say i was 95% sure it'd fit no probs.

Maybe someone has done it to an 00/01/02 WR 400/426 as i would imagine the frames havent altered during these years, only the CC....

Anyway, i'm starting to waffle, so i'll leave it there :ride: good luck :thumbsup:

By the way.... Your 1st post, welcome to TT...

there's some experts on here, sadly i'm not one of them nor do i try to be, but i just thought i'd try and help. if i were you, i'd get it and try it, if it don't fit (which i doubt) sell it on ebay. it'll be snapped up, coz i know when i was looking for one 2nd hand, i couldn't find them for love nor money and had to buy one brand new from the U.S which cost me a lotta money (granted, still tonnes cheaper than buying one here in the U.K!)

let us know how you get on........

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