2001 yz426f good deal?

I am looking at buying a 2001 yz426f that is completely stock. The guy who had it only used it to trail ride and the guy before him only had it in a race once. He is selling it for $3800 canadian and thats $3380 for all you americans. He said he has never checked the valves but the bike is in very very good condition. He said there is less than 10 tanks of gas put through it. Do you guys think this is a good deal? And if i go look at it what are some things i should check out? thanks :thumbsup:

I paid $4000 Can for an '02 WR426F, with a small tweek to the right hand side of the bars, a couple of extremely small scratches and a small portion(and I mean small) of the paint rubbed of the the shifter side of the frame from boots. When I was looking a guy from Maine had a 01 YZ426F for a round $2000 US and it was mint!!! I think it was priced low because he didn't have the market there to seel it! It depends on what you want the bike for?!?! A WR will not make a "Great" MXer and a YZ will not make a "Great" Enduro or Dual-Sport. If you look in the classified section, I'm sure you will see that the YZ (as there were MORE of each year sold) are valued less than a WR. The real question you have to ask is... Do "I" want the bike and Do "I" think that it is in "Good" enough shape for the price he is asking? $3800 is not too bad if it is in mint shape for a YZF. If you weren't so far out on the East Coast, you may be able to get the same bike for quite a bit less!!!

If it is in really good shape offer him 3300 for it.

That seems to be about the going price around here.

for $3400 US I would expect a bike that had reliable maintenance records, otherwise, I would not buy it for more than $2800.

I bought an '01 WR426 last month for $2200 US, but it had poor maintenance and there were a lot of little parts that needed replacing. Engine runs strong and most of the poor maintenance seems to be only cosmetic.

About 16 months ago out of Cycle Trader I paid $3400 US for a mint 01 WR426 w/FMF-Q and still on near new original tires and a extra FMF PC4 pipe(too loud for him). The pre-03 CA green sticker crap may have some bearing on the price though.

I'm looking at grabbing a WR426F aswell either 01'-02' in a couple of months.... i need a bike thats got the top-end for road but the bottem-end for off road, (woods,dunes and enduro) my KLX250 just ain't cutting it and i've been on a KTM250sx for bout 2 years but am just loving the 4-strokes... I'm in perth, Australia and we have a lot less bikes so was looking at about $4500-6000(mint though) for a 01'-02'.... is this worth doing as is an expensive buy for me as i jus got my car..... btw, $3500us is bout $4500-4950........ cheers

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