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I Like the Potato

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I posted yesterday asking how to mod this new TEC insert from Yosh. I was really kind of pissed spending $20 on an anti-performance part. Well, yesterday afternoon I decided to put it in and just see how bad it was going to be without a mod done to it.

It does reduce the noise level - not as much as I thought it would but good enough to get me past the AMA sound checks (I think).

My riding style is a little different than a lot of the guys on here: I don't supermotto. I run in the woods, love wheelies and instant low end grunt to get over the ever-present log/tree in the trail.

I believe that this potato has moved my power curve more to the low end - and I like it. It likely robbed the top end to do this but I'm OK with that. The mods I have done to the motor are in an effort to increase power - mostly low end:

Yosh system

E base gasket

Hot cam Intake (back before they had stages)

E cam exhaust

14/44 gearing (I know it isn't low but I need to go 60+ also)

Edelbrock pumper carb (I may be the only one that likes it and it kills the CV and I got it really cheap)

On my initial ride it wheelies better than with only the SA in it. It surprised me and I almost flipped it in third gear. Without the potato this was not a concern even if traction was great.

Basically what I'm saying is that I like it. Will not modify it. And if you like low end, give it a shot. I am sure people may disagree but it fits my style on my initial ride. I am going out this afternoon for a longer ride and evaluation.

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That could be. Interesting comment on your findings with the insert! I know that the EB is less than perfect but I have got it working much better than the dyno-jetted CV ever did.

I am jetted much richer than anyone ever recommended (K8 needle - 10 from lean). I got the carb from a friend and he said he had to jet it fatter than recommended. Of course I didn't believe him and started with the K7 which everyone said would be best - even the EB techs. Ran that entire exercise and ended up a little fatter than the original owner for the carb.

Strange but I like the results so far. Thanks for your input Eddie.


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