motor swap

I'm puttin a 2001 yz426 motor into my 2000 wr400 frame, Just wondering if there is any thing that I should look out for. like will the carb off the 400 be fine for the 426, CDI is it ok? or should I look for 426 stuff



I just did the same thing. 2001 YZ426 in my 99 WR400. Overall it going pretty well, but when I use my 400 carb (with a 426 Dyno Jet kit) on the motor it runs like crap at anything >3/4 throttle. I know it's something to do with the carb, because I also have a 2002 YZ426 SM and I swapped carbs. The WR400 went like a raped ape with the new motor/carb. Did you run into anything like this?

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