'07 Plastics and Lights

Hey guys! I just checked out the new '07 on the Yami site and it looks killer! Does anyone know if the new fenders and lights will fit the '06?

Are you sure the 07 WR plastics are the same as 06 YZ plastics? They look different... I've got a connection for stock Yamaha parts, but the place only sells boat stuff, so they don't know about bikes... Maybe I'll just have to try it as soon as they are avalible to ship.

There should be a sticky on what years YZ & WR parts are interchangable (expecially body)..

What years where the major changes done ?

Sorry bout the hyjack mang..

I would like to know if the headlight assembly would fit an 06 also, I guess we will have to wait until someone tries one i guess.

Im guessin with the different frame there will be some problems?

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