How to Raise Forks?

Several people have suggested raising the front forks in the clamps by 5 to 8mm for better tight woods handling. This may be a dumb question, But it looks like I can only raise them 2-3mm before I run into the bottom of my handlebars. How do I raise them??


Sounds like you've already got them raised. Measure the distance from the top of the the triple clamp to the top of the fork tube. This measurement is the one you are looking for.

Mr T


Sounds like your still using the stock bars and tripple clamp. If that is the case then you are very limited as to how far you can raise them. I'm running Renthal Fat Bars with the Universal Mounts which raise the bar a full 20mm from the stock setting. That's how I pulled mine up by 1/2 inch. I will tell you though, Raising them mad a major difference in my turnability. I also went to a 13 Counter Sproket and shortened up my wheel base by a 1/2 inch which also helps in the tight stuff.

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