Looking to buy 07 YZF450

I have some questions about your 06 scooters. When I was at my dealer they had a 06 on the floor and I was playing and pulled the clutch in and it felt like an old CR500 clutch, are all yours like that? My 06 RM-Z450 feels almost like a 125. The one other question I had is how well does the YZF turn? My RM-Z is awesome but I really would like to buy the 07 Yamaha. Just so you know I do buy a new bike every year no mater what.

my 06 is awesome....pretty damn easy. Doesn't it get easier once it is warmed up and broke in?

The clutch on my 06 is one of the easiest i have ever used! They are like night and day compared to my 04.

If you think the RMZ turns well, you will be so happy with the YZ450F you will just want to go round in circles all day long :thumbsup:

I love my '06 YZ450F and find it hard to imagine anything better. :thumbsup:

you guys are making this a easy decision. The shop I ride for is giving me first pic at the white and silver YZF450. Yahoo!!!

hey I'm shopping for a 07 450 time to upgrade from the 250.... i'll be cranked up on this bike!

my 06 yz450 clutch pull is a little stiff too, i've only got like 5 hours on it but it is still quite a bit stiffer than my 01 yz250 was.

I can turn on a dime, it is very sensitive to weight; shift it a little and your turning, this thing is on rails, you will not be disapointed. And to me the clutch feels great :thumbsup::ride:

Clutch pull is easy...but you really shouldn't be using it much anyway........

The ’06 YZ clutch pull force is not an issue. Compared to my ’03 YZ it’s very easy.

After riding both I think the YZ is one of the best bikes every built but it does not turn quite as good as a RM. It's close though. The RM clutch is easier to pull too. I bought the YZ because it does everything else better and I know from experience how reliable the YZ450 can be.


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