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free riding lessons at Highland Park

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Ev, great idea posting that on here!

Highland Park is a great facility and Paul Wright is an awesome guy who I think will be a great instructor for females.

Will I see you Sunday at TC? :thumbsup:

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not sure yet, but I hope so

it is always fun scouting with our beloved trail captain :thumbsup:

should I take the sewing machine?

can you ride Mondays?

our new sales guy wants to get back into dirtriding after years

and I offered to let him ride Duffy

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Sure, take the sewing machine and spank all the boys on it!

Depends on the Monday!

Right now, I am scheduled for a Tuesday ride at Whissy with Chicken next week. Are you thinking this coming Monday? cause Chicken has off Monday too and he can do Monday instead of Tuesday, but we are trying to rack up the miles as fast as possible to get done before it gets too hot, so not much time for putting around. Thursday we did around 33 miles and left by 12:30(we did get caught up chatting alittle too much on one break), next week we will go for 38, we are trying to increase our mileage each week and take less breaks and get done around the same time. Our goal is to work up to 40-50 miles without stopping for a whole lot of breaks and be out of there by 1:30.

Let me know what Monday you are thinking and I can try to work it out.

You would be a great enduro training leader for us at Whissy! :thumbsup:

I rode so much better yesterday than last Saturday when we were there.

I didn't stumble once on that rocky uphill and we went up it 3 times! :ride: Traction was near perfect yesterday.

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don't think that is what Jeff is looking for right now,

he has not been playing in the dirt for a while

let's give him a few rides before we expose him to Officer Little

totally forgot Monday 14th is closing

then ... if you REALLY want to practice tuff stuff ...

we could take the bikes w/o seat to the backyard

bite the bullet girl, you will overcome your need-for-seat

and soon that little "rocky uphill" will no longer be a challenge

how about Kyle's and Cody's motorized carreer?

a fellow coach has an XR100 too many, want his email?

still not sure about tomorrow

we shall see

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