Help please Bleeding Brakes 650L

I have messed with this for a couple days now and am getting no where so I figured I better come to the experts.

I need some help on bleeding the brakes on my 650L. I put new tires on and can't seem to get the front brake back where it belongs? I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I got the proper fluid and am going about it like you would on a car but nothing seems to be happening except me leaking brake fluid through the bleeder valve? Can someone talk me through this please.

Thanks in advance,


youre leaking fluid thru the bleeder? That is your problem if so...that thing should be air tight. Check all your connections, even the ones you didnt touch. Just went thru this on a harley...lemme know if this helped, I am curious as well.

You gotta get that bleeder to stop leaking. Sometimes you get small amounts of dirt, corrosion ect. in there, even though its supposed to be a completely closed system. With any air entering that system the bleed won't work. Get that bleeder fixed and it should work just fine.

right on,just as the bleeder valve lets some fluid out it can let some air get sucked in.check the threads and the seat(tip of the bleeder) for dirt or dents/chips.good luck

Hey ChiefBDM,

The way I understand your dilemma is, your bleeder valve is fine, except when you pump your brake to build pressure, there is none, BUT you have fluid coming out of the bleeder when it is open. If that is correct, I ran into the same problem when bleeding the brakes on a new ZX10R after swapping out the lines. I completely flushed the system with new fluid, and still got no pressure on the lever. Turns out I had air trapped in the upper banjo bolt at the master cylinder. What I did was instead of using the bleeder valve to let air escape, I used the banjo bolt. When I did this, there was a air/fluid fart that came out of the banjo bolt. You only want to loosen it for 1 second, at the most. You must tighten it right away as not to let air get sucked back in. I did this a couple times, and got the pressure at the levers. I hope that helps. If it seems odd to do it this way, I agree it is. But it worked for me.


i just did mine the other night. it takes a bit to get the air out of the hose a bit so it starts to push the air out... I just watched it slowly burp into the resevoir and kept pumping the lever...

speed bleeder looks sweet! i don't see one for a 650L... anyone have a part number or which will work?


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