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Some help with heat

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Well I just rode my first X-country race this weekend. Rode at the Angel Fire race in Angel Fire New Mexico put on by WeBeRacing. Ran into a problem though.

Ok so it was pretty cool outside when the race started. Maybe 60 something at the most. We were still in a cloud when we got up to the top of them mountain. I had just swapped fresh coolant in the bike. This is a 06 RM-Z250. The only thing changed on the bike is a full yosh exhaust. I know the bike was running rich because we were a couple thousand feet higher than where I have the bike jetted for. Now as far as I know running rich is going to make your bike run cold not hot. So basically what happened is the first part of the race is straight up the ski slopes. Full throttle high speed run up there. The trail then goes into a slow speed woods section. After that It opened up a bit onto a rocky climb where I slid out and then the bike started blowing steam out of the overflow hose for the radiator. My buddy had the same problem in a little different place with his stock 06 rm-z450. Why? Anyone have any ideas? I only saw one other bike overheat. I saw multiple other rmz-250s that had no problems.

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